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Now, you can go on smoking without those guilt pangs or without the dreaded cancer sneaking into your lungs. Electronic cigarettes, which several credible studies and acclaimed experts have observed as absolutely safe, can fully simulate the traditional paper cigarette flavours minus their harmful effects. The use of e cigarettes has been on the rise as smokers of traditional paper cigarettes across the globe discover the benefits of the product. At the same time, smokers have gradually been giving up on traditional cigarette smoking. Basically, this type of cigarette has almost firmly established itself as a less risky substitute to conventional smoking. Several business houses have jumped into the fray, trying to capture the market. However, the market belongs to those manufacturers who manufacture quality and totally risk-free products.

What do various experts have to say about electronic cigarette uk?

The British Medical Association has observed a cessation in smoking habits with the increased use of e cigs. So, while this fact is no encouragement or incentive for non-smokers to take up e-cigs, health professionals may offer e-cigs as a much healthier and less risky alternative to paper cigarettes to smokers who are unwilling or unable to kick the habit of smoking. Another study, conducted by the Journal of Public Health Policy in the United States, avers that a traditional smoker may be able to give up smoking much quicker with the help of e-cigs than that with traditional pharmacotherapy. A lot of experts view the e cigarette as also a product that can replace nicotine.

What makes the e cigs such a popular product?

First, it is a smoke-free product. So, there is no risk of smoke getting into your or others’ lungs. All that the user inhales is the vapour which is harmless.

Second, before they are made commercially available, electronic cigarette manufactured by an established company go through the strictest of health guidelines and compliance specifications. Such cigarettes contain minimal or no nicotine at all. So, it is treated as a nicotine replacement product.

Third, it contains, as composition, propylene glycol, flavouring, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine. Of these elements, propylene glycol is a common chemical which is used across a number of food products. Although the nicotine percentage in e cigarettes can vary depending on the manufacturer, reputed manufacturers always put either negligible or no nicotine at all.

So, is e cigarette the future for smokers? It, in fact, seems that smokers who shift their loyalties to this cigarette type definitely have a future. It is a quality product and even doctors and health practitioners are slowly but surely waking up to its benefits and potential. With wider approval, it may not be too far-fetched to think that traditional smoking will be a thing of the past.